lady of light has arrived! 

The Lady of Light has arrived!

Avenging the enmity,
How the females rejoiced,
Having abandoned Khadeeja,
Little did they realize..
The anguish of seclusion,
Darkness of loneliness,
They hoped would linger on,
Would give way to radiance.
As hoories and angels,
Escort Hawa, Maryam and Asiya,
The heavenly guests,
Pay tributes to Khadija.
The world had brightened,
And gloom subsided,

Behold, Behold,
The Lady of Light has arrived!

The murmurs and Whisperings,
That ascend to the skies,
Of the worshippers on earth,
Shall not meet with Surprise,
Of the angels, but not,
When the heavens enlighten,
In wonder and amazement,
And angels then question,
What from this luminosity,
We never encountered,
That outshines the glow,
Of heavens that prospered?
A voice will say look,
Down upon the prayer mat,

Behold, Behold,
The Lady of Light has arrived!


The Divine personality,
Our Holy Prophet (s.a.w) is,
Under the cloak of Kisa,
To cure body illness.
The cloak is of Zahra’s,
Hasnayn(a.s) too enter,
Followed by Ali(a.s),
As desired by Creator.
Historic Magnificence seen,
Chosen ones come together,
Tahaarah is defined,
Heavens fill with pleasure
Brilliant glow surged,
When Zahra( A.s) entered,

Behold, Behold,
The lady of Light has arrived!

Confined to Darkness,
I was left here to doom,
In my grave to suffer,
In never ending gloom.
Surrounded by clay,
Enshrouded in white,
My only companions
Were terror and fright!
Anticipation was dim,
Eyes searched here and there,
Frantically, for hope,
The Awaited Savior.
Then I witnessed her entry,
Her Holy Majesty,

 Behold, Behold,
 The lady of Light has arrived!

The day of Qayamah,
Of horror, murkiness,
Aspirations shall halt,
In the face of Darkness.
Despair will prevail,
With no flicker of desire,
Beloveds will desert,
The dear ones to fire!
Suddenly it will brighten,
And all eyes will surrender,
To greatness of the moment,
In homage and honour.
Khatoonal Qiyamah,
Shall grace the occasion,

Behold, Behold,
The  Lady of Light has arrived!            

                                                                                     -Sadia Batool