Who is Fatima Zahra?

Who is Fatima Zahra?
Daughter of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh),wife of Ali the successor of the Prophet, and the mothers of the Aimmah after Ali (as) a blessed lady who came to the land of Arabia for a short time. This is a basic introduction in relation to her family. This can not portray her personality.The Holy Prophet introduced her as his daughter whom he named Fatima who has nine names/titles with Allah. As the Almighty’s ninety names which are His attributes are summed up or combined in His name “Allah”, the nine names are the attributes of the great lady named Fatima(as).
As we cannot comprehend the true recognition of the night of Qadr which is stated by Allah in His Holy Book as “and what will make you comprehend what the grand night is”( surah Qadr verse 2) in the same way it is said “what will make you comprehend who Fatima is?”. This interrogatory style of verse firstly portrays the high status of the subject mentioned and secondly is an invitation towards the path of cognition and encourages us to try to the best of our ability to know more about the great night and the great Lady Fatima.
The name Fatima comes from the root word fatm which means being separated or cut off. Although the creation is disabled or cut off to be able to fully know her but they can reach her until their capacity. If the true essence or reality of this great lady is seeked with an exalted and glorious vision then the cause of the creation is unveiled. As the hadith e Qudsi narrates “Oh Ahmad, if it wasn’t for you I would not have created the universe, and if it wasn’t for Ali, I would not have created you, and if it wasn’t for Fatima I would not have created either of you.”
If the true essence or reality of this great lady is seeked with a vision of understanding then we can see the secret of creation. Allah the Almighty, who is a hidden treasure as quoted in hadith Qudsi “I was a hidden treasure and I wished to be known therefore I created creation and made Myself known to them so that they came to know Me.” The Creator who Himself is a Hidden Creator has made this great Lady Fatima a secret too. He is treasure but a hidden one (kanzun makhfi) while she is hidden too but a store/warehouse where secrets are stored (sirril mustawdeh).
The creation is neither aware of the secret of Fatima nor the treasure of Allah, but the divine treasure is connected to this secret which this Lady holds.
The great scholar Ayatullah Marashi Najafi recited and urged that the dua Allahumma Salle al Fatima wa abeeha wa baleha wa baneeha wa sirril mustaudaeh fiha beadada maa ahaata behi ilmu (Oh Allah send blessings on Fatima and her father, her husband and her sons, and by the secret installed in her (S)) which only is in YOUR knowledge) is included in the qunoot of his prayers.
If the true essence or reality of this great lady is seeked with a vision of love as quoted in the Quran “Say (O’ Mohammad), I do not ask of you any recompense for it, save love of (my) relatives (near of kin)” (42:23) then the words of the Prophet express her as his part. (“Fatima is part of me – whatever makes her angry makes me angry, and whatever pleases her pleases me.”(1)
Part of me reflects towards the connection of the part to the whole, also relects the wholeness and esteemed status of the whole and the attachment of the part to itself. As the Prophet(s) declared Salman is a part of me reflects the status of the Prophet and the dignity which Salman enjoys in realtion with the connection.
When Lady Fatima(as) is seen through this relation as a part of the Prophet (s) alongwith her being the cause and secret of creation then it would reveal her high status which is a source of pride for the Prophet (s) when he declares himself solely (part of me) to be attached to someone who holds this excellance who was created and sent to this world in a unique way through him (see her birth) just as being connected to the Beloved of Allah is an excellance enjoyed by Fatima too.
To know the personality and status of this great lady one must have a vision of understanding and love alongwith blessings and assistance from her. As the author of a book is seeked in order to understand its contents we humbly seek the help of the great lady Fatima Zahra(as) to bless and assist us in gaining her true marifat and accept this humble effort in her way and may it be a cause of pleasure to the Imam of our Time(ajfs) Inshallah.

(1) Al-Sawaiq Al-Muhariqa, p. 188; similar wording is narrated in Mustadrak Al-Sahihain, v. 3, p. 172; Al-Jami^ Al-Sagheer, v. 2, p. 653, n. 5859.